February 2015
Feb 7, 2015 - Mar 5, 2015

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An Eclectic Grouping , a group show featuring select faculty and alumni from the UC Davis Art Department.


Roland Petersen

Wayne Thiebaud

Roy DeForest

Nathan Oliveira

Peter VandenBerge

Camille VandenBerge

Vonn Sumner

Tony Natsoulas

Rene Martucci

Michael Ramstead

John Tarahteeff

Jeff Nebeker

March 2015
Mar 7, 2015 - Apr 2, 2015

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The Landscape , a group show featuring new landscape artists to EFG.


Joevic Yeban

Michael Chamberlain

Laurie Winthers

Karen Smidth

Andrew Hindman

Sarah Kreutz

April 2015
Apr 4, 2015 - May 7, 2015

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Kathrine Lemke Waste & Tim White: New Work , a two-person show featuring new paintings.

May 2015
May 2, 2015 - Jun 4, 2015

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Roland Petersen, works on paper from 1959 - 1969.

Roland's comprehensive works on paper from the 1950s and 60s represent a rather small, yet incredibly significant period within his seven decade-long career as an artist. During this time he was hired to work at UC Davis' nascent art department and achieved professional success through a series of one-man exhibitions held at noteworthy institutions such as the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco. As a whole, the pieces in this show exhibit strong formal elements throughout, and from a chronological standpoint, they vary and evolve stylistically over time. Together these components highlight this chapter of Roland's career as an era of scholarship, practice, experimentation, and personal success.

June 2015
Jun 6, 2015 - Jul 2, 2015

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Latitudes, a one-person show featuring new abstractions by Micah Crandall-Bear

July 2015
Jul 4, 2015 - Aug 6, 2015

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New Paintings , a one-person show featuring still lifes by Christopher Stott.